Hi, I live in Singapore & love everything kawaii, funny and stupid.

*This tumblr consists of 95% AKB48 and 5% of random stuff. However, I do share personal pictures/rants once in awhile too.

My Kami Oshi SNH48's Miyazawa Sae
I ship Twintower / SaeYaka
My OTT is Shinyuu Trio / Team K Trio
& some other members that I like: Old Team K Acchan Maritroll Nyanx2 Wmidgets Rena Akarin etc.

"Otaku Heaven, Japan"

Chat me on Kakao/Line: stalkapple

心友トリオ推し • Shinyuu Trio Oshi
There was a sorta flavor that only old AKB48 had. Each member had really a distinctive character. —Masuda yuka (via sonahn)



Yuttan’s Ameba Blog 2014-08-17

[DIVAと佐江のBirthday/DIVA & Sae’s Birthday]



Yuttan’s Ameba Blog Translation

Hi there!

I’m done reading all the comments.
Thank you so much for the many heartwarming messages.
Since a…

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